Wholesale Glass Straws

POP Display for glass straws
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HeartStraws for Wholesale and OEM Distribution

Elizur International Inc has been manufacturing the finest quality of glass decor for almost a decade. Our sales engineers are experienced in all facets of the wholesale business market. We offer a variety of services from distribution opportunities to full-service OEM manufacturing. If you are looking to brand your own glass straws, decor or ornaments, contact our sales team for information on how we can help. If you want to turn your ideas into finished products, we can help.

Let us show you how beautiful “Made in China” can be. With overseas manufacturing facilities, working with Elizur International allows you to realize the cost-savings of overseas manufacturing without the hassle of international business partners. Work with a team right here in the US to get your products to market faster, easier, and cheaper than ever.

Glass Straw Distribution

glass straws and pouches

HeartStraws Distribution

If your customers are mass-retail stores, we can offer you excellent pricing at an affordable buy-in.

We’re looking for distribution partners across the globe. At every trade show we attend, we are meeting more and more international customers. If you’re ready to realize the profits available in the sustainable category, we have just the line for you. We supply the marketing collateral, you bring the customers. With our own inventory warehouse in Virginia, waiting on product to arrive is a hassle you can skip. Call us today for more information on our distributor level pricing.

HeartStraws Pouches and Packaging
4-piece pouch, single straw pouch and 4-piece mailorder box.

Marketing Collateral

At HeartStraws, we know consistency in branding and marketing efforts is paramount to gaining public awareness. Our brand and style have been carefully designed to communicate who we are and what we do. For that reason, we ask all our independent sales representatives, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers to follow our style guide. We have a slew of content and materials for you to use. For access to our branded content, please reach out to our marketing team at info@heartstraws.com.