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Our Story, Our Passion


Elizur International is a small family of entrepreneurs, sales executives, creative minds and organizational geniuses with a passion for making more than money. From our headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we are working to facilitate a movement of social change and ecological responsibility. We have been manufacturing exceptional, handmade, glass decor and ornaments for more than 4 years prior to launching HeartStraws™.

Our Mission

WHY WE DO ITcoastal cleanup day with HeartStraws

In the fall of 2018, Hurricane Michael brought strong winds and high tides to our city. When the storm cleared, our beaches were covered in litter washed ashore by strong currents. In conjunction with coordinated efforts by a local elementary school some of our children attended, the employees at Elizur International made their way to one of our beautiful beaches to help with the cleanup. We spent the day picking up hundreds of plastic straws, bottles, and lids. Within a few hours, we had collected an alarming amount of trash. The global, man-made catastrophe of ocean pollution had quite literally, washed up at our feet.

The owner of Elizur came to the US for a healthier life for his family. Mr. Ren found a place far removed from the heavy pollutants he had been exposed to as a child growing up in Asia. Seeing the trash washing up on the shores of his new home, Kevin knew he could not outrun the problem. It was time to find a solution. He knew we already had a great way to help reduce the use of plastics and curb the amount of litter entering our waterways, even if only in a small way. He believed we could spark a change if we could get enough people to take that first small step. 

Glass straws today for a cleaner tomorrow.

Our medium is natural, free of toxins and metals. Glass is born from sand and can be returned back to that state after it’s usefulness has ended. We knew it would be an ideal alternative to any single-use straws. Our team of artisans was tasked to develop a line of glass straws that were both beautiful and beneficial to our planet. On that afternoon, at Sandbridge Beach, HeartStraws was born. Made from strong, borosilicate glass, they are shatter-resistant and elegant. These straws can last a lifetime if cared for properly. 

Each HeartStraw can replace the average 584 plastic straws used by each American every year. That number may or may not impress you, but it’s about much more than straws. Our glass straws appeal not only to environmentally conscious people but also to people looking to add elegance to their drinks. What we have found is once a person starts to carry their reusable straw, they begin to pay more attention to their overall carbon footprint. Many of our customers tell us they now look for compostable packaging, reusable bags, and are now working at living more sustainably. That’s the real win. It’s helping more people, across the globe, live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Give your family the gift of clean oceans and your friends the gift of sustainability with HEARTSTRAWS.

Sand Dunes at sunset with HeartStraws Logo
Sandbridge Beach at Sunset