Skinny Straws


 Add some elegance to your drink with HeartStraws. Our skinny straws are perfect for most every reusable cup. Like all our HeartStraws, we put our hearts into every one we send out. Get yours today. 

Standard Straws


 Our standard HeartStraws set the standard for strength and elegance. Thicker walls mean greater durability. A sandblasted heart means they have been checked for quality and beauty. 

Jumbo Straws


 For smoothies, frozen drinks, and milkshakes, these extra-wide HeartStraws are perfect for enjoying your favorite treat. The smooth glass lets your drinks travel up the straw with ease. Best of all, they never collapse. 

Handmade, Reusable Glass Straws

Glass Straws today for a cleaner tomorrow.

HEARTSTRAWS were born after a storm left trash scattered across our local beaches in the fall of 2018. Employees of Elizur International Inc, our parent company, were helping with litter clean up when the idea was first realized. Our goal is to help keep plastic straws out of our oceans by providing a better solution. Through months of trials and tests, we were able to begin production of the finest handmade glass straws available.


Our straws are handmade of Borosilicate glass, ensuring the strength, durability, and shatter-resistance consumers have come to trust in the kitchen. 

Join us to help eliminate the devastating impacts of plastic waste in our oceans.

  • 100% reusable, 100% recyclable
  • Every HeartStraw is handmade by glass artisans
  • Able to withstand 272 lbf (pounds of force)
  • Annealed for superior strength

Kevin Ren

The Founder of HEARTSTRAWS

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HEARTSTRAWS are handmade, reusable, glass straws made by people who love our beaches!