Jumbo glass straws in margarita glasses

Handmade, Reusable, Glass HeartStraws

Join us to help eliminate the devastating impacts of plastic waste in our oceans. HeartStraws are 100% reusable and 100% recyclable. Every HeartStraw is handmade by glass artisans. Each glass straw is crafted for superior strength. Prooven to withstand 272 pounds of force, the added step of annealing each HeartStraw maximizes durability.

Skinny HeartStraws (8mm)


Our Skinny HEARTSTRAWS are perfect for most every reusable cup. Like all our glass straws, we put our hearts into each one we send out.

Original HeartStraws (9mm)

Original HeartStraws Bloody Mary

Original HeartStraws set the standard for strength and elegance. Thicker walls mean greater durability. A sandblasted heart means they’re genuine HEARTSTRAWS.

Jumbo HeartStraws (12mm)

Jumbo HeartStraws are perfect for that extra thick frozen drink. From smoothies to margaritas, every cupboard needs a set of Jumbo glass HeartStraws!

HeartStraws Pouch Sets

Pink 11" Straight Glass HeartStraw, Cleaning Brush and Pouch
Pink Skinny HeartStraw Pouch Set

Now you can take your HearttStraw everywhere you go. We offer pouches for single straws or 4-piece sets. Protect your straw and your bag with HeartStraws Pouch Sets.